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We believe the following attributes allow our group to earn the position of being a trusted asset to our clients.


  • We strive to communicate with our clients clearly in a way that they understand and appreciate.
    • As a result, we have developed personal relationships with our clients that supersede just business and are based on care and trust.

Diverse financial background and knowledge base

  • As a former business owner, Jordan has dealt with many HR applications such as payroll and managed company and personal insurances and more
    • As a result, we have developed a deep knowledge of many personal financial issues that help our clients in their daily lives.

Financial Planning

  • We can create financial plans that serve as a roadmap towards satisfying present needs and pursuing future financial goals
    • As a result, we believe our clients are more likely to attain their financial goals and enjoy their retirement.


  • We work with clients to establish a site that can securely house their important financial documents, plans and information.
    • As a result, our clients have one secure site to view all their assets, liabilities and financial plan data

Portfolio Construction and Model Building

  • We have experience creating models that seek to maximize returns given a client’s appetite for risk
  • We manage two primary portfolios for our clients - growth focused and income oriented
  • We use our knowledge and understanding of the markets and economics in an effort to maximize performance and deliver a greater gain per unit of risk than the market

Total financial advisor experience

  • We focus on a tailored/personalized, financial services/planning experience
    • As a result of combining all the above, as well as our understanding of insurance products and concepts, we can deliver a comprehensive financial planning relationship to our clients. We believe this allows clients to have one source for many of life's important financial decisions.

We believe in a fair fee structure

  • As a result, we can work with clients in various capacities depending on their needs.

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